Why you should choose
the geodesic dome

10 years of experience in the design and manufacture of geodesic domes.
100% Portuguese manufacture. 100% Customisable.
We are one of the largest manufacturers of Geodetic Domes in the world, the largest in southern Europe.
After sales support with workshops.

01. Our Domes

The  “strongest, lightest, and most efficient” design know to man.

Our domes go where other tents cannot go.

We can transport any dome in a standard size van and install it in less than one day with no requirement for machines.

Our domes resist conditions other tents cannot resist.

We use only the highest quality Ferrari M2 PVC membranes with high-frequency weldings. Our domes will not let a drop of water in, nor do they even melt when exposed to an open flame. Our domes resist conditions other tents could not.

Our domes can withstand weather other tends could never.

Incredibly strong, with hundreds of faces, the geodesic dome divides the force of the wind or the snow. The smart geodesic geometry guarantees the highest wind and snow load capacities in the temporary structures market. Hundreds of faces means the wind only impact perpendicularly onto one, and our membranes are so tight and wrinkle free, that you will not even hear the storm outside.

02. Our Qualities


The structure is so strong that our whole team can climb over the dome during set-up. How can you use this to your advantage? Our engineers will select points in the dome from which you can hang your elements: lighting, heating, decoration… or people? We work with some clients who hang upsidown from our domes in aerial yoga sessions.


Once the geodesic geometry is locked into place, we can remove struts and open the domes as stages, open air covers, and cinemas. We make modular covers, so as the membrane is as versatile as the structure: from transparent greenhouse dome to opaque projection dome in one hour.


With no pillars or roof supports, the available flooring area is all yours. Because of the dome's strength, the ceiling is yours to use also. If you need more space, simply plug-in another dome using our easy assembly systems.


With plenty of natural light and high ceilings, a dome is a luxurious space for living or for an event. Gone are the days of being close wrinkled plastics that you can hear flapping in the wind. We engineer our membranes milimetrically not only for aestetic reasons: the tighter the membrane the less you could hear it move on a windy day. Our domes are silent.


The geodesic geometry is sacred geometry. Perfect, balanced and elegant. We pair this geometry with our state of the art membranes engineered to perfection, first class finishings, and tailored flooring and lighting to suit your needs. Much more than a shelter, more than a tent, more than a structure: a dome is a statement.


Think outside the box. Think geodesic.


03. Types of Geodesic Domes

We design, manufacture and install

Event Domes

Make an impact and choose a spherical tent.

Stage Domes

Impressive shell shaped structures as the focal part of your event.

Permanent Domes

As concert halls or common areas.

Projection Domes

For immersive 360 projection.

Garden Domes

For use as a protected warmer outside area for you and your plants.

Roof Domes

For permanent installation as a beutiful raised roof for buildings.

Playground Domes

A multi-coloured geodesic playground.

Stand Domes

Easy to set unique stands for use in indoor and outdoor events.

Glamping Domes

For short stays or full-time living, Eurodome has now opened a subsidary company The Glamping Revolution.

All of these domes can be customised to your requirements.

Why you should choose the geodesic dome


The structure


The dome coveR




and Flooring





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